How to Pivot in a Crisis


With 20 years experience in Leadership & Performance coaching, Jamie Bunn will share with you the insights and hacks that have helped his clients exploit their business, cultural & leadership strengths to execute business pivots. Whilst many leaders have found time to invest in their own body and mind health, few have a clear pathway forward on investing in the ability of their business to be responsive and effective in economic retraction. 


This webinar will outline the popular concept of “pivoting” whilst dispelling the unhelpful myths surrounding it, and give you a clear way forward. The webinar will cover: 


  • What actually is a Pivot?

  • What it’s Not!

  • Who are some world class Pivoters

  • 7 Myths & Realities that help you navigate the concept.

  • What is Pivot Readiness and how to create it?

  • Who are the Notorious Non-pivotors and their slow death.

  • What is the Pivot Formula for your business?

  • Summary Findings when it comes to promoting the Pivot.

As a practical method of identifying your strengths and problem solving style Jamie is offering the first 20 YPO members to register for the event an opportunity to a COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINS PIVOTING PROFILING COACHING SESSION*. Please email Jamie to schedule your session prior to the webinar.

Jamie Bunn has 20 years of high performance and leadership coaching across a broad range of industries with a particular focus on technology – having sold his first internet business in the late 90s. With clients such as Atlassian, AKQA and Digitas, he has helped numerous technology leadership teams adapt and become pivot ready. Additionally, Jamie has coached and advised a number of Australia’s leading CEO’s, executive teams, religious and government leaders. Through helping them understand, develop and grow their core strengths and problem solving styles, they are able to benefit personally whilst elevating their teams and their entire organisations. As a Jiu Jitsu black belt and competing athlete, nutritionist and serial entrepreneur, Jamie brings a diverse background and perspective to the table. Jamie has qualifying degrees in the triumvirate of the mind, body and business, with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in business management, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in organisational psychology and a Masters in Nutrition & Management. A strong proponent and advocate for evidence-based coaching, he is a member of the Mclean-Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching and registered member of the Nutrition Society of Australia. His training and experience allows him deep understanding of human behaviour within the workplace, whilst giving him the perfect platform to promote the growth and performance of the businesses that engage him.

*The actual profiling tools are independent third parties that require payment of between $US30 – $US50 each.